It’s Possible to Make Money Online!

Online earning money has changed significantly since the early 1990’s. You can’t do what you did back then. It doesn’t stop anyone from trying, particularly new users to the internet who believe they can make money online. They click on Project Platinum Review & Bonus, read it, and soon they believe they have discovered the “ONE” thing that will make them millionaires overnight. They saw it and knew it was true. For $35, they could make the kind of money that they never could in real life.

Perhaps that’s you. Maybe it’s the first time you’ve tried something new. You’ll only need to invest a few dollars, and all that money will be yours.

After you have paid your $35 they inform you that to succeed you will need a domain and a website. They also tell you where to purchase all of this for $35. They will walk you through setting up your site and telling you where to find traffic. For $20 per month, you could have thousands of visitors to your website each day. If you purchase the premium package for $189, they will take care everything. The initial $35 investment has now increased to $279, but you still haven’t made any money.

Everyone has said you would, so follow their instructions and you’ll see that you don’t get anything. There is no money. Every time. It is impossible to make quick money online without knowing the basics.

Here is the TRUTH

1. Respectable Online Presence’ is required. People should be able type in their name and see information about you. This will show that you are not a Nigerian Scam Artist.

2. An advertising budget is essential. What amount of money can you spend each day on marketing the product you want to sell? Advertising should cost no more than $2.00 per day for a product that has a track record of success. To test how well a product will sell, you can spend $20 on a 24-hour promo. The more profit, the more ads or variations should be run.

3. FACEBOOK is a great place to begin your journey as an expert in all things ADVERTISING. You can identify your niche by having the largest market available.