Weekly Food Prep

Day filled with too much to do, too few people to see, and too many places you visit can leave dinner-making as another chore. We often end up tired, hungry, and in a rush for food. But there are ways you can make things easier. You can organize weekly meal prep to make your meals more efficient, reduce stress and eat healthier. As an added bonus, MyPrep Delivery can be fun with friends or family.

First, choose a day that you feel is best for planning your week’s meals. Once you’ve settled on your meals, ingredients and other details, you can head off to the grocery shop. I like to organize my meal preparation by fruits, vegetables, or meats. Here’s an example for a weekly meal preparation and how you can incorporate it in your meals. The weekly meal preparation process takes approximately 1.5 hours.


Shopping cart:

Mandarin oranges, light fruit juice

Pineapple tidbits, in own juices

Bananas, 2-3

Grapes, green or red, seedsless

Orange juice, low in sugar

Prep Drain canned fruit and pour into large plastic containers. Add grapes. Add the low-sugar orange juice. Pour enough juice over the fruits to ensure that they do not brown. Keep the container in a refrigerator so that you have a ready supply of fruit. The fruit can be placed in plastic containers of one cup size and stored in the refrigerator.

Ideas For Serving:

A nice fruit mix can also be mixed with cottage cheese and added to cereals or smoothies. Your mixed fruit combinations can be changed each week for greater variety.

Recipe idea:

Fluffy Fruit Salad

20 oz.cans pineapple tidbits packed into own juices

11 oz. 12 oz.

8 oz. 8 oz.

24 oz. fat-free cottage cheese

1 box fat-free, sugar-free orange gelatin

Mix the ingredients in a large bowl. 1 cup = 1 Dairy and 1 Fruit