Are You a believer in the healing power of stones?

When I talk about crystals and their healing powers, some people think that I am quite strange. Some people think I’m a bit odd, if I’m being honest. You are not alone if you don’t know much about gemstones, crystals, and stones. Where can i buy moldavite ?

Crystals are formed in the earth’s crust by high temperatures, compression, volcanic activity, and mineral deposits. Some crystals may look like chunks of rock. Some, once polished up, can look very appealing and you might like jewellery made from them. Ruby and diamonds are two good examples. While some are easy to find, they can be hard to get. Others are rarer or more difficult to mine, and are therefore more sought-after and expensive.

Crystal healing, or the healing properties stones such as quartz, agate and boji stones, can be a bit more complicated. Some people believe crystals can affect you. Others won’t. While some people might be open to being persuaded by crystals, others will be skeptical. In the most sincere way possible, I don’t care where you stand on crystals or whether or not they are healing or have other properties. You can believe whatever you want, but I know what it feels like to experience.

What do I feel about crystals? My story begins many years ago, when I first discovered crystals. I was introduced to crystals by a local lady who became my friend and mentor. Marion, her name is Marion. I was attracted to shiny jewellery as I am to many other ladies. I took a look at her stall, and quickly got to know her. As I held a smallish tumblestone in my hand, I felt a pulse. It felt like it was beating. Marion smiled and said that it was normal. While I was holding the crystal, she asked me questions about how it made my feel, whether or not I could sense any movement or energy, and whereabouts it was. She then asked me if I could close my eyes and what would happen. Wow! Wow! This was it. I was hooked on crystals, regardless of whether they had healing properties.

Crystals have had a profound effect on me for a long time. It was even so obvious that I nearly fell over when I found a beautiful chiastolite (often called fairy crosses). Malachite, a gorgeous green marble-effect stone that has been around for many years and still makes me physically sick. Moldavite is a very dangerous substance that can make me feel dizzy and irritable while driving.

I spent many years reading books and more importantly, I worked with crystals. Marion encouraged me to feel what they were meant for and not just take someone else’s word or ask her opinion. This was how I learned a lot about my own self and crystal energy.

How do crystals work magic? It’s hard to know. I think the best explanation and the one that makes sense most is that it all comes down to how they emit energy. The energy they emit can affect your mood and energy in the same way that you are affected by someone else’s energy – either positively or negatively. You can even sit with an animal, such as a calm cat or dog. That’s how crystals work for me.

We can pick up energy frequencies from stones that allow us to rebalance and return to our natural state. Our natural state of balance is one that we can naturally reach when we are near a balanced energy vibration, such as the ones given off by stones. We then’remember’ our natural vibration and begin returning to it. This theory is similar to sympathetic resonance, or sympathetic vibration.

It could be that you are feeling stressed or out of balance due to fatigue, stress, hectic lifestyle, or other factors. This can lead to a headache. You would notice a certain crystal emitting calm relaxation energy, similar to the way people do. Your headache will disappear.

These are my “go-to” crystals for certain moods and situations that may arise for me.

Rose quartz helps me to be happier and more in love with myself when I’m unhappy or having a hard time.
Aqua aura is my favorite stone for teaching. It is a mixture of clear quartz and gold, and has a blue color that aids communication.
If I feel out of balance or need more energy, I have a pair of boji stone. They are incredible!
If I feel out of place and need to ground black obsidian and hematite, they can do the trick and bring my back down to earth.
Black tourmaline is the best choice if I need to do rescue work or make sure my psychic protection remains strong.

Do you believe in healing powers of gemstones and crystals? You can have a play with them if you are interested and curious, but not sure. Allow them to work for you. Based on your own experiences, you can then make your decision.

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